Saturday, July 26, 2008

An Artist Empowered: you can't outsource your soul work

Eden Maxwell


There is no more important or powerful a ‘substance’ than intuition, which is the conscious tool each artist can use to cultivate his gift in the garden of culture.

Intuition seems abstract when you can’t hold it in your hand. But this makes perfect sense as we are engaging the metaphysical. Remember, intuition is first experienced as a sensation, a feeling, or a vision, not as thinking in words.

Somehow, intuition, which is potential but not yet inevitable, opens a direct pathway into the fabric of consciousness that is otherwise unavailable. This live and healthy connection is a behind the scenes look into the raw data, the cosmic mosaic and language of information as it is—in the quantum mechanics model of primordial matter—without the selective but necessary filters for survival of our subconscious mind; in the realm of intuition, both perceptions and thoughts are purified of nonsense to reveal and manifest themselves as shape and form, design and color—art and poetry, or the double helix.

Painter, writer, and kiteflier of some note, Eden Maxwell grew up on the mean streets of the inner city and fought his way out of the projects to find his walking shoes. He has contributed to many publications--from Popular Science to the Encyclopedia Britannica, and his art is in private collection here and abroad. Eden's the bestselling author of Kiteworks and The Magnificent Book of Kites, Sterling Publishing; he's also ghostwritten books for HarperCollins and Kensington publishers.

Eden blogs regularly about purpose, meaning, and persevering as an artist on his website--where you can also find out more about his exciting new book An Artist Empowered: Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist—Now (2008), you may email him at

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