Monday, July 14, 2008


Janice McShane

Breathe, just breathe………

At times when I am sitting on her beaches and able to settle into the free movement, the gentle dance of her waters, I begin to realize the limitations that I have placed on my self, my life. I believe it’s when I get caught up in “what’s expected of me” or “what I think is expected of me”, the box I’ve put myself in becomes smaller and smaller. It’s the lack of oxygen in my small confined space that startles me awake, reminding me to breathe….

It’s through the journey of these little experiences that draw me back into what is real and grounds me a little deeper into the healing of self. Each and every experience becomes a milestone, an incredible piece to my story, my life. With every new breath a tiny piece of the beauty that lies dormant within is revived and brought to new life.

My hope is to share with you my Capacitar experiences in self healing through simple techniques that will help “you” remember to breathe……..

Jan M

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