Monday, July 21, 2008

Television Musings

Television Musings
Rants and Raves of a Romance Writers

Big Brother 10

What happened to the days of television seasons? New shows in the Fall, a winter break, new shows January thru April, and then reruns thru the summer. I loved those days. The only thing I watched in the summer was Padres games.

Now we have seasons of six weeks. Then we may not see that particular show for six months. They may or may not rerun. After, that show ends they immediately start something new. We have mini - seasons. And they use hooks each week to keep us returning. Also, thread through pieces to ongoing stories. Television writers are clever these days.

We have new shows beginning and ending every week. A person like me can barely keep up. But you can find ideas. If you a stuck on a story idea or plot problem turn on the television something will jell with you and give you inspiration. But be careful if you have an addictive personally like me you may become stuck on something else.

This past week we had the start of Big Brother 10 and already there has been major drama. Big Brother is about 12 (I think this time) strangers (this summer) who all live together in a big house without being able to leave. No television, radio, internet, phones, or newspapers. Nothing from the outside world.

All they have is each other. They have no privacy. And then they vote each other off. Survivor . But I think living in a house together is tougher than surviving out in the wild, in some ways. And they do it for a lot less.

The killer is the show is on three times a week. And if that' s not enough it's on every night from midnight to three am on showtime two. Plus, there's always the 24 hr live feed you can subscribe to on the internet. Yes, I could get addicted to that, But yes I do have a life.

With Big Brother I have watching since maybe the third season.

But alas I did find another new show by accident last week. My sister fell asleep and left the TV rolling after we had finished watching something else. I was working on a jigsaw puzzle and did not get up immediately to turn the set off. A reality show came on called The Gentleman's Club. They are taking what I call street thugs (they called themselves G's) and turning them into gentleman. I do see where this show could help a few guys change their lives for the better.

New episodes of the Closer, Saving Grace, Monk, and Pysch aired this week.

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