Sunday, July 13, 2008


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Kathy Carpenter

Celebrity Circus

I chose to write about the Celebrity Circus first because being a Circus Performer is an art form in itself.

Growing up I never really cared for the circus per se. I went to a couple circus's but they were so confusing. A lot going on at one time. I did not know where to look and felt I was missing out on something. I never really got the circus thing.

However, we also went to the Circus Circus in Vegas many times. Which performed in those days many different circus acts and I loved the trapeze acts. Of course we were closer to the acts, and the costumes were extra sparkly. Anyway those I did like.

But when I hear the circus is coming to town it does not make my blood race. So when I heard there was going to be a Celebrity Circus show on television I did not say that's something I can't miss.

In fact the first show I did not even catch until the show was almost over. Then I was hooked. The celebrities, the whole reality type atmosphere, the judges, the glamour, and the amazing acts. They were incredible.

You were up close and personal, with current popular songs playing throughout the acts. A whole different feel than Circus Vargas or Ringling Brothers.

The show started with eight celebrities that practiced one of eight different acts, all of which were in the air except for one, for three months. Each Celebrity performs an act then is critiqued by three judges. America then of course calls and votes. ( And even though I watch a ton of these shows, I rarely vote) I watch for the entertainment.

The next week someone goes out. The celebrities then perform a different act. One in which they have only practiced a few days. They work with professional circus performers. However, in many cases the acts they perform take the professional years to learn, and some cases they are so risky the professional won't even attempt them.

These celebrities impressed the heck out of me.

The finale is this week. For anyone watching I predict Stacy Dash will win.

For anyone who wants to chat about the Celebrity Circus.
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