Monday, July 28, 2008

Intuition, Creativity, and the FDIC

Andrea Lee Avari

Money is just energy. Energy flows, cycles, changes form. We have all kinds of attachments to the meaning of money and its value in our lives but in the end it is a physical manifestation of our creative energy. My savings account reflects a good part of my previous years of creativity.....designing programs, giving workshops, my books, writings, teaching, counseling, coaching. The bank holds in reserve in my name a pulsating pile of my creativity.

Ignoring my intuition........ which popped up to warn me several times, I plopped my pile of energetic creativity into a bank that was offering higher than normal interest rates.
Oh, I have excuses.....I was tired from moving, I was in a hurry, the furniture looked stylish and brand new, the bank teller was very nice, they offered me tea.........yes, who wouldn't have just lifted their life savings into their open hands? My intuition kept trying to butt into my thoughts......look out....there is something cloudy in this financial institution's energy even though the tea is attention.

"But the location is convenient," I replied. "Ask about the mortgage loan situation at this bank," intuition retorted. "Oh, that makes my mind tired to think of all that trouble," I said. "Oh, all right." I asked the very nice teller about the real estate loans and she averted her eyes and put on a brighter smile. "You know we shut that part of our bank down and now things are going well." My stomach tightens from her energy change. I continue to sip on my tea. I don't really want to ask any questions......and I am not certain exactly what to ask.

So I write the check and get in my car. My intuition is exhausted from trying to be heard. I turn on the radio and turn my thoughts elsewhere. Over the coming months whenever I think of the account I don't feel well in my body. I feel anxious and then I stop thinking about it. One Friday afternoon out of the blue I feel the need to go to the phone and call the bank teller. I don't know why but my attention is focused on speaking with her. She answers the phone and assures me that all is well. I have a strong sense that she is telling me what she knows.

That same evening I was drawn to the computer before bedtime. Immediately a picture flashed on the screen from a TV camera looking at the front door of my bank holding my creativity savings account. There is an armed guard locking the front door and posting a sign that says FDIC is in charge starting at 6pm on a Friday evening.

There is no one I can talk to at the bank. Big surprise, they don't answer. Throwing up is an option and I consider it. But I decide there is no time. I rush to the bank's website and scour the FDIC postings. I don't know what this really means. What do I do, who would know? My friends are astonished and clueless.

After a while of pacing and a depth of angst I haven’t felt in a long while, I remember that I cannot approach this situation with fear. I need to bring calmness and light to my imprisoned creativity. In a meditation I can feel and hear that it will be all right. I begin to breath again.

My pulsating pile of creative energy is safe. I don’t know how it will work out to be so, but I feel the soothing words of the calm inner voice. The next day I see that it is so. The FDIC has found another bank who agrees to step in. By Monday I speak with the teller, who had no idea either and we speak of the positive lessons of this experience. My intuition is so kind to not say......I told you so. It always loves me anyway. I vow to take more responsibility for the gift of an inner voice that we all have.

Andrea Avari, Ph.D. is an intuitive spiritual coach working with clients to balance and integrate wellness, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.” Her next book, “Letters from a Lunatic in Love: creating soulful relationships” will be available at the end of the year. Her blog is available at Her website is Email contact is


ken said...

The image shows a copyright and watermark. Normally these are removed when you get permission to use art. Do you have permission to use this pile of money? I am surprised that an artist and writer's site would be so cavalier (or unaware?) about copyright.

Andrea said...

Thanks for pointing out a good learning lesson!