Monday, July 14, 2008


Sandy Nelson

Walkabout Inspiration

Wandering about the Farmers market in downtown Minneapolis was exhilarating. Walking within the frenzy of happy people in the heart of this city nibbling cobs of roasted corn and hot dogs was like watching a jazz festival unfold. Crowded aisles with vendors selling maple syrup, bison, ostrich and lamb meat, cheese, honey, soap, smoked fish all locally grown and produced. Minneapolis has a large Hmong population and they grow luscious crops of vegetables and greens along with plants and flowers. They also stitch remarkable items in vibrant colors. Many tell their heritage in stories depicted in the expertly executed appliqué.

Musicians played a variety of music. A now local group from South America has graced our fairs for years selling CD's of lively timeless melodies. They played their handmade instruments as the crowds paused. Another artist played accordion songs reminiscent of Paris. A family with musical children perched in one market aisle and the kids played a repertoire of their lessons.

The smells of food cooking, fresh baked bread, herbs and flowers mixed with fresh clean prairie air, was intoxicating. Artisans sold their glass wind chimes and willow furniture. Another one made metal garden art in delightful uncommon styles of trellis's and sculpture from dress forms to aardvarks. People smiled and laughed. Friends greeted with hugs.

One of my favorite creative activities is to go on walkabouts. I discover all kinds of new things. I go anywhere and do anything. I see new colors and different interplay between texture and shadow. I hear new sounds and my body feels different. I smell scents and my memory writes a new story. I love to discover new energetic patterns in the way people and places interact. On this day my hands carried sacks of food and flowers away from the Farmers Market, and my head and heart were brimming with inspiration!

Do you find walkabouts inspiring? What is your latest adventure? What inspiration did you claim?


Sandy Nelson started her art career with a degree in Apparel Design after which she ran her own Fashion Design business. Her love of people, textiles and history led to expanding into Textile Conservation and work conserving museum textiles. She continued her education with a self designed degree in Studio Arts and Arts and Education. She's a Creativity Coach and consultant, running a consulting firm with her partner.

She also paints, writes, sculpts, makes fiber art, teaches studio art, and works for publications. She is a Master Lace maker, Art Educator, writes a Celtic newsletter, written and illustrated several books, is energized by nature and has a passion for inspiring other folks to play and create in the arts.

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